Practice vs Performance!

Fri 19 Jan 2024 Simon


I hope this message finds you well. 

This is the 10th edition of the newsletter, and I can hardly believe how far it has come already. Those close to me know that I am not one for many words and when I started the newsletter I was a bit apprehensive about running out of things to say, but as it turns out, the ideas keep rolling in, and it's been a wild ride which I am enjoying.

Reflecting on this milestone, I am genuinely grateful for your unwavering support. Your engagement, feedback, and enthusiasm have been the driving force behind the success of this newsletter. It's incredible to witness the growth of our community and the conversations that have emerged.

Looking ahead, I am excited to announce a new chapter in my musical journey. In the coming week, I will be officially unveiling the next project—an ambitious endeavour featuring collaborations with several international artists. This project is close to my heart, and I believe it has the potential to reach a wider audience.

In the coming weeks I will be counting on your support more than ever. Your engagement, feedback, and sharing of the upcoming project will play a crucial role in its success. I am confident that with your contribution, we can turn this vision into a reality that will resonate far and wide.

Stay tuned for the announcement!

Practice VS Performance

Recently, I engaged in a heartfelt conversation with my 97-year-old father, who has dedicated his entire life to the immersive world of music. Our discussion delved deep into the essence of music and the profound significance of its origin, crystallising the belief that, above all else, music must emanate from the heart.

This thought however  sparked a realisation – the indispensable role of rigorous practice in the life of a musician. The countless hours spent honing skills and perfecting performances are undeniably crucial. Yet, it raised a poignant question in my mind: Can music that has undergone extensive practice still retain the authentic essence that emanates from the heart?

We've all attended performances that unmistakably lacked the careful groundwork of preparation and practice. On the flip side, there are those rare occasions when we bear witness to truly authentic performances where the dedication and countless hours of practice vanish into the background, leaving only the pure, unfiltered essence of the artistic expression to captivate our senses.

Therefore in my opinion reconciling both is possible. But in itself it is a form of art. The mark of a true artist lies in the ability to step onto the stage, face the audience, and weave a musical tapestry that convincingly mirrors the raw, unbridled emotion of a first-time encounter and the poignant farewell of a final performance. It's about captivating the audience in the moment, skillfully concealing the countless hours of practice, and delivering a musical masterpiece that feels spontaneous, passionate, and utterly authentic.

“Practicing is not forced labor; it is a refined art that partakes of intuition, of inspiration, patience, elegance, clarity, balance, and, above all, the search for ever greater joy in movement and expression.”
—Yehudi Menuhin,


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