Simon Sammut


Simon started his initial studies at a young age and reached advanced levels of music education. After some lessons with his father Joseph, who himself was an established bass player during his young days, Simon continued to study bass playing and soon established himself as a popular bass player.

He quickly moved from playing rock to blues, soul, funk and jazz. Later on he began to play the upright bass. As a performer, he has played with leading musicians and covering a wide span of musical activities. As he is a fluent reader and a versatile musician with an eclectic taste, he is quite active in various events of importance and has for quite some time now played with various, musicians, bands and orchestras including the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra.

Besides his work as a performer, Simon is equally at home in the roles of composer, arranger, producer and music teacher.

In 2011, Simon produced and released his solo album entitled "BaSSic Attitude". In this album Simon collaborated with multi-instrumentalist Alexander Kuzmin. In 2017 Simon released his second album entitled “Crossing” with twelve compositions and complimentary paintings revolving around the common theme of ‘crossing'. In this project Simon collaborated with the artist Anthony Catania.