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Crossing - A Journey Through Music and Visual Art”  was launched on 19th May, 2017  at the Robert Sammut Hall, Floriana. 

This project aims to bring together two forms of art –  music and visual art, merging together space, form, beauty and colour. The idea is that both music and painting express emotion and ideas, and can work together to create something truly striking. 

The project is made up of twelve compositions capturing mystical, ambient dreamscapes and organic, melodic statements. The soundscapes – developed from different sources of thought, from ambient electronic, Western classical to traditional world music – are created to be textural, compelling, evocative, and meaningful. 


The musical score and complimentary paintings revolve around the common theme of Crossing. In short – it is about the crossing of boundaries, whether physical, geographical, intellectual or psychological –  with particular reference to moments in history, in a story, or a cognitive state. 




Music Composed by Simon Sammut

Visual Art by Anthony Catania 

Artistic Associate - Tony Sammut

Artistic Advisor - Kevin Abela 

Co-producer/ Technical Advisor – Melchior Busuttil


Featuring the following musicians:


Tony Sammut - Piano

Mark Attard - Piano

Melchior Busuttil - Drums, Percussion and Programming

Marc Galea - Classical  & Electric Guitars

Jonathan Ellul - Electric Guitars

Kris Spiteri - Melodica

Kevin Abela - Trumpet

Ivan Borg - Tenor Saxophone

Godfrey Mifsud - Baritone Saxophone

Jesmond Azzopardi - Bass Trombone

Marlene Sammut - Voice

Simon Sammut - Upright Bass and Electric basses

Recording by Simon Sammut, Melchior Busuttil and Lito Galea

Production, mixing and mastering: Simon Sammut


Design, duplication and printing: Reciprocal Records 




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